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Adobe: we will make applications for Os X

febrero 8, 2020

Adobe: we will make applications for Os X – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The statement has the tone of the official and formal stance and as such it certainly does not sound like a passionate embrace, but in this period all good to reassure a user base that has some fears. We are talking about the press release with which Adobe pronounced in the weekend on his dedication to MacOs X which followed the concerns raised by learning that the Palo Alto company will not be present at the MacWorld Expo. Economic problems, Adobe had said; decreasing interest in the Mac platform, someone supposed. However, the absence of one of the main software houses of the Mac panorama on the occasion of the opening of the fair that will mark the definitive sunset of the old Os and the entrance, which would be triumphant, of Os X not to be considered a good sign. denying gloomy predictions we try Cheryl Edwards, head of Adobe PR: "Adobe – Edwards said – supports the direction taken by Apple with the release of MacOs X. Adobe remains dedicated to the release of native versions for Os X of the main products and we will report progress to customers, partners and the press. Currently Acrobat Reader offered in native version for Os X ". Formal communication we said, but better than nothing. Now we will see how and when it will be respected by Adobe. What is certain that anyone who expected a native PhotoShop demonstration for MacOs X in New York might be disappointed. Unless Steve Jobs reserves some surprises in this regard.

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