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8 best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

febrero 8, 2020

Samsung's flagship devices have always boasted of gorgeous Super AMOLED displays and the new Galaxy Note 7 no different. The device is located in a 5, 7 inch Dual-edge display with 2560x1440p resolution and looks superb. Thanks to the double edges, the device seems to have no bezels at all, which looks great but also increases the chance of screen breakage. Therefore, to protect the beautiful display of the Note 7, you need a screen saver that covers the screen along with its edges. So without further ado, here are the 8 best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 screen protectors you should buy:

1. Official Samsung Screen Protector

The official Samsung screen protector for the Galaxy Note 7 not yet on sale, but if you want a well-designed screen protector for the phablet that covers the edges well, this is the one to buy. The display not only covers the Note 7 display well, but also protects the devices with its anti-scratch and high transmission properties. In addition, the screen protector it also prevents any color degradation in the display protecting it from extreme temperatures.

Where to buy: Price: NA

2. Otterbox Alpha screen protector

Otterbox screen protector for the Galaxy Note 7 just like the company's case offer. The tempered glass screen protector robust and equipped with anti-crushing functionality . In addition, made of polyester, which ensures that the tempered glass is thin enough not to hinder the responsiveness of the touchscreen. The super clear screen protector comes with the tools to install it on the Note 7, so you don't have to worry about that.

Where to buy: Price: $ 13.48

3. Bodyguardz HD Contour screen protector

The ultra slim Bodyguardz Screenguard is definitely the one to buy if you are looking for a snug screen saver for the Note 7 . The screen protector is an excellent purchase because, as the name says, it embraces the "contours" of the device, which means that the beautiful curves will be protected. In addition, the scratch-free and naturally fingerprint-resistant screen protector. The screen protector comes with a microfiber cloth, instructions for use, advantage replacements and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Where to buy: BodyGuardz Price: $ 29.95

4. Screen protector in curved tempered glass with a Sparin shade

For the beautiful curved display of the Note 7, what better protection can you get than a curved tempered glass screen protector. Sparin screen protector offers a curved 3D glass with hardness 9H and thickness of 0, 3 mm, which offers full edge-to-edge coverage for the screen. In addition, the tempered glass screen protector features a dotted matrix, which means that the touch's responsiveness remains excellent. In addition, the manufacturers of the screen protector promise 99% transmittance, so the true color of the display should always be visible. It comes with a smart stickers guide, so applying it on your Note 7 should be fairly easy.

Where to buy: Price: $ 19.99

5. Skinomi anti-bubble screen protector

The Skinomi screen protector for Galaxy Note 7 offers full coverage, which means that the curves of the display are also covered. Along with this, the screen protector is light and resistant to scratches, UV rays and punctures. Also, yes says that the screen protector is self-healing, as i scratches go off over time. also optically transparent and since it is so subtle, the touch response remains as it is. Skinomi also offers a lifetime replacement warranty on screen protector.

Where to buy: Price: $ 7.85

6. IQShield LiquidSkin screen protector

The protection of the IQShield screen is quite flexible but it does not mean that it is not difficult. The designed screen protector applied with the wet method, which ensures that it is applied without bubbles and without fingerprints. Furthermore, optically transparent and self-healing, so you can use it a little more or less. The screen protector is supplied with a tray or installation solution, squeegee, cloth and installation instructions. In addition, IQShield offers lifetime replacement guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Where to buy: Price: $ 7.85

7. Yootech screen protector film

If a case is applied to note 7, it is advisable to insert a normal screen protector that does not interfere with the protection of the curved display of the case. The screen protector resistant to scratches, UV rays, punctures and reduces fingerprint and oil stains . also quite difficult, as it offers self-healing capabilities and is designed to absorb impacts. also designed to offer maximum clarity and precision of the touchscreen. Yootech also offers a lifetime guarantee on screen protector, so another reason to buy screen protector.

Where to buy: Price: $ 7.85

8. Olixar curved glass screen protector

Last but not least, Olixar's curved glass screen protector offers full coverage, which means the Note 7 display should be well covered. Tempered glass is supplied with black edges, so that it can blend well with the curves of note 7 . The thin 9H glass 0, 3 mm, which ensures that the display is protected from scratches, bumps or other damage. Olixar's quality screen protector available with a 2 year warranty, so it should be reason enough to trust its longevity.

Where to buy: Price: $ 45.99

Protect the curved display of Note 7 with these screensavers

The stunning display of the Note 7 looks gorgeous and deserves better protection, so now is the time to apply these screen protectors to it. These screen protectors should offer optimal protection while keeping the display free of stains and dirt. So what are you waiting for? Tell us which screen protector you are going to buy for Note 7.

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