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34200 iPhones unlocked in Switzerland

febrero 8, 2020

In Switzerland 34200 iPhones unlocked – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The desire for iPhones so much all over the world and unlocking a very common practice in all countries, as recent static showed that trace the presence of the Apple phone in some of the smaller and more remote countries. In the countries of the West, where access to purchase within reach of a greater number of customers, the sentiment appears even more feverish with tens of thousands of phones purchased and unlocked every day.

Among the most interested in iPhones would be the inhabitants of nearby Switzerland. In the Swiss Confederation according to the newspaper Heute, the number of unlocked phones would be huge in relation to the population and subscribers to mobile telephony: 34200. The three main operators have all verified a more than robust presence of active iPhones on the network: Sunrise would have 4700 , 9500 would be used by Orange customers. Who would have the majority of customers with iPhone Swisscom which would contain 20 thousand. Of these 7,000 would have been recorded over the past thirty days.

We remind you that as far as Switzerland is concerned, the operator most suspected of the iPhone launch was and remains Swisscom (who, among other things, also the owner of Fastweb), which is also the main Swiss operator with 5 million lines.

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