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32MB floppy

febrero 8, 2020

32MB floppy – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Who said diskettes are a relic of the computer past? Maybe someone who does not know that QPS, the producer of the popular burners and external discs compatible also for Mac, able to instill new life in the once indispensable floppy bringing their capacity to 32 MB. To accomplish the task it is necessary to have a Que SuperDisk 240MB, a portable external drive essentially used to write removable Superdisks. The support can be formatted to 240 or 120 MB providing a useful device for storing large data, characteristics that also offer other SuperDisk compatible drives as well as other SuperDisk compatible drives are able to read and write traditional diskettes from 3.5. What others are unable to do for formatting these obsolete media up to 35 MB. Obviously the drive uses a proprietary standard; the floppy disks can only be read by other drives compatible with the SuperDisk standard, but in any case it is an idea that could have some usefulness such as using the old floppy disks to store images and files to distribute around (as long as the our reference has a SuperDisk) without worrying about recovering the support what a few hundred lira instead of a few tens of thousands of lira.Obviously it should also be remembered that for the same capacity and cost, not to mention speed of access, at the moment almost impossible to beat the CD-RW, but some nostalgic might find interesting the idea of ​​retr to use a diskette. The SuperDisk 240 compatible with USB and comes with Retrospect software and drivers compatible with Mac.

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