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With Fring Voip arrives on the iPhone

febrero 7, 2020

The first real software for Voice Over Ip calls on the iPhone has the flag of Israel. A small company called Fring developed it.


To be installed on the phone, the client must obviously find an operating system unlocked by the limits imposed by Apple. In practice you have to operate the jailbroken on the mobile phone to have the possibility to place the software (just add the repository to the list of sources>. At that point, as happens with Skype on your computer, you will have the opportunity to talk and chat with other users connected to the Fring network; the software not only supports "native" networks with SIP protocol, but also those of other VoIP or chat clients such as Skype, Yahoo MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Twitter, and AIM.

The connection, let's say it right away, does not operate on the cellular telephone network, but via Wifi. You must therefore be connected to the Internet via IP in order to communicate in voice or chat.

The VoIP program was developed in collaboration with the Holon Institute of Technology and still in a non-definitive version. The purpose of the developer to collect feed back in view of a release later in the year maybe, it can also be assumed, in the context of the program launched with the SDK.

The functioning of Fring seems to be in line with Apple's directives, at least as far as the future is concerned. When iPhone is open to third parties, Jobs said, it may be possible to create Voip applications as long as they take advantage of Wifi and not the cellular network. Obviously, at the moment, Fring is not a legitimate program since the iPhone must have been "hacked" to be installed.

Fring is more than a year old: its implementation on different mobile platforms has allowed it to grow at the rate of 100,000 new users per month and this pre-release for iPhone will allow it to further expand its user base. iPod touch supported but not said that with the possible availability of an additional microphone, the Apple digital player will not become part of the list of compatible devices.

To know the experiences of our readers with different devices, protocols and systems we have opened a special space on the Macitynet Forum.

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