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With BD Touch iPhone "terminal" for Blu-ray and PS3

febrero 7, 2020

The first rumors circulating on the net speak of a program called BD Touch that would allow iPhones to become intelligent remote controls for the Playstation 3 consoles. But the NetBlender company that developed the precise solution that is much more than just software, but the combination of an SDK for iPhone combined with a series of tools for creating content for BD discs, a procedure that in technical jargon indicated as authoring.

So after the first news that appeared on Gizmodo which simply talks about the iPhone as a remote control for PS3, Denny Breitenfeld, CTO of NetBlender has exchanged a chat with the editorial staff of the American website revealing some tasty anticipation.

For example, we learn that this is not a program that works exclusively on the iPhone, but a combined solution consisting of two parts. The first integrated into the authoring tools of BD discs and will allow film studios, as well as independent production companies to take advantage of the BD Touch functions.

The other part of the solution integrated directly into the SDK for the development of iPhone programs, in this way those who write software can manage communication with the PS3 and also communicate directly and bidirectionally with the BD Touch functions inserted inside the BD disks. that will be marketed. Breitenfeld says his company is proceeding with the distribution of the SDK among the 100 thousand iPhone developers.

The end result goes far beyond the idea of ​​the iPhone as a remote control for the PS3 and the NetBlender manager offers some examples of possible functions from the iPhone-PS3 pairing. Programs on iPhone can interact directly with movies, displaying extra information on the smartphone. You can manage a database of your movie collection directly from the iPhone. BD Touch can take digital copies of films stored on BD discs, already encoded and ready to be viewed on iPhone

The NetBlender executive points out that these are only the first examples and that in practice the possibilities are endless: the solutions depend on the imagination of programmers and the companies that create the content for BD films. The only less fascinating news of all this scenario are the infinite possibilities that can also be used to convey new advertising or new forms of advertising thanks to the work in cooperation between iPhone and PS3.

In another interview NetBlender explains that the sophisticated iPhone interface combined with the Wi-Fi network connection could be used to invite the purchase of the soundtrack of the film you are watching, display spots and promos on the smartphone screen depending on what that at that moment appears in the scene of the film. It is to be hoped that the producers of contents for BD will understand the thin red line that divides the functions and also the pleasant advertisements for the user, from the useless and counterproductive bombing that could even hate the iPhone users all the wonders made possible by the BD Touch.

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