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TV show on German iTunes

The TV shows arrived on German iTunes. Since yesterday, as reported by some readers who live in Germany, a significant number of TV series have appeared, some of which are locally produced, others are American (including, for example, Grey's Anatomy, South Park, Lost, Desperate Houswives).

The cost of TV shows is not the same for everyone. They range from 1.99 euros to 2.99 euros. Some promos are also offered for free.

Germany is the third country in the world outside the US to have TV shows. England and Canada had previously served. Recall that in the past on several occasions the managers of Apple Europe had mentioned the desire to export the strategy of selling films and TV series to the old continent.

Last year, concrete hopes arose to see the TV section of the store at the start by December 31, but nothing had happened. At this point it seems that the machine has started and if everything will go as always in the past, the iTunes Store in the "video" version could land in other countries.

Thanks for the report to Valerio Donnetti and Matteo.