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The 10 best digital audio recorders

febrero 7, 2020

Despite the fact that smartphones today have incredible voice recording capabilities – since they use exceptional audio reproduction and reception systems – there are situations that force us to use a dedicated digital voice recorder! Well, your smartphone will be enough for personal purposes; but when it comes to professional aspects, it becomes necessary to choose a digital voice recorder that makes sense. For example, if you are a journalist, it will not be so easy for you to place your Smartphone wherever there is a need to record – given the interruptions by the way. In this post, however, we have listed i 10 best digital voice recorders that you can use according to your needs. Most of the tools listed are handhelds and there are some laptops too.

1. Olympus VN 7200

Olympus VN 7200 one of the best digital voice recorders that you can grab for personal or professional purposes! a combination of easy-to-use and analog design and cutting-edge technology that ensures sound quality from a variety of aspects. With an integrated 2 GB flash memory, the Olympus VN 7200 offers recording times of 75, 194 and 1100 hours respectively in HQ, SP and LP recording modes. There is a microphone and earphone jack in the device if you want to connect an external microphone or audio output. Designed to save energy and time, Olympus VN 7200 makes use of a technology called Voice Activation – which, once activated, controls recording based on the presence of sound. In addition, other features include dual play modes and indexes.

  • Price: $ 28.39
  • Where to buy: Amazon

2. Olympus 722PC

If you need a voice recorder, with something more than the standard functions, you should check Olympus 722PC! If your requirement not only needs to record high quality audio but also to transfer it to your PC, Olympus 722PC is beautiful because it has a compact USB interface for data transfer. When the 100-hour battery life combined with the maximum recording time of 1600 hours, it will always be Christmas with Olympus 722PC, given support for the MicroSD card which can extend memory up to 32 GB. Speaking of advanced features, Olympus 722PC equipped with the scene selection function that helps you choose the optimal settings according to the scene, the possibility to choose between MP3 and WMA and a truly durable and convenient design.

  • Price: $ 46, 54
  • Where to buy: Amazon

3. iGearPro voice recorder

If you are looking for a digital voice recorder that combines convenience and extended storage space, a good decision to take a look at iGearPro Voice Recorder. You don't have many buttons to confuse – rather one to start recording and stop recording. Thanks to the use of exceptional technology and 192kbps recording, iGearPro Voice can offer you the maximum recording time of 94 hours while the high quality variant will offer four hours of recording. Another notable feature of iGearPro Voice Recorder is the plug-and-play interface that simplifies data transfer. Plus, the truly awesome design that you can use it almost anywhere – flawlessly.

  • Price: $ 29.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

4. Sony ICD PX333

Sony ICD PX333, a convenient way to record high quality audio, comes with an internal flash memory of two GB and must be powered using two AAA batteries, which are available almost everywhere. According to Sony, the PX333 ICD was designed for lessons, considering the crystal clear sound. You can extend your storage space up to 8 GB using the MicroSD card together with the built-in 4 GB storage space. While the USB Store feature allows for easier data transfer, the environmental reduction feature offers smoother playback without adding unnecessary audio. In addition, Sony ICD PX333 records audio in MP3 format, which means you can easily share your recordings. Overall, Sony ICD PX333 is a solution worth checking when you need powerful functionality and elegant design.

  • Price: $ 51.59
  • Where to buy: Amazon

5. Sony ICD BX140

Another Sony digital voice recorder, the Sony ICD BX140 is the ideal choice when you want to embrace convenience and shine. Facilitating ease of use in a new level, the Sony ICD BX140 uses larger buttons together with an LCD display to show what is being done. Using the two AAA batteries and since you've kept the kbps lower, it's possible that you have a maximum battery life of 45 hours, which is really impressive. Just like the other listed, Sony ICD BX140 also gives you MP3 output, which is compatible everywhere. And, yes, considering the 4GB memory, Sony ICD BX140 a great choice, we bet.

  • Price: $ 39.59
  • Where to buy: Amazon

6. Etekcity audio recorder

Would you like to have an 8 GB pen drive that can be conveniently used as a high quality recording solution? If your affirmative answer, Etekcity Audio Recorder an option worthy of verification, we would say. Although similar to a typical USB appearance, Etekcity Audio Recorder offers first-class results in addition to the ease of transferring the output. Therefore, if you are looking for a voice recorder for some sort of hidden recording, Etekcity Audio Recorder will be the best, given its battery life of up to 15 hours. The limitations include the absence of an integrated playback system and the limitation to the WAV format. Nonetheless, Etekcity Audio Recorder is a great deal for the indicated price.

  • Price: $ 15.48
  • Where to buy: Amazon

7. Sony ICD PX440

One of the most expensive and improved digital voice recorders that Sony can get, the Sony ICD PX440 offers a feeling of quality in terms of print quality and usability. One of the most obvious things of its design is the presence of USB connected, with which you can eliminate cables and everything, immediately. Coming to the case of playback, it gives you the noise reduction that smoothes and cancels the output file as well as the AB function that will be useful when you want to repeat something. So if you are looking for an effective digital audio recording solution for your business and want it to be as compact as possible, Sony ICD PX440 is a good deal to steal.

  • Price: $ 62.50
  • Where to buy: Amazon

8. Philips DVT 1100

Philips DVT 1100 a deal-to-steal digital audio recorder from Philips, which combines the power of various functions such as voice-activated recording, a simpler PC connection that allows faster transfer of output data and less intuitive use of buttons. In addition, compared to other voice recorders on the market, the Philips DVT 1100 offers extended battery life which allows you to record more when needed. And, yes, it comes from Philips and you will not regret buying it since you need a stylish and feature-rich recorder. Overall, the Philips DVT 1100 is an excellent choice, apparently.

  • Price: $ 32.24
  • Where to buy: Amazon

9. Sony ICD TX50

One of the most expensive digital voice recorders on the list, the Sony ICD TX50 for you when you are ready to pay and need a business class audio recorder with adequate functions to serve you. The device is so thin that you can hang it on your coat or somewhere and, despite its smaller size, the Sony ICD TX50 records the audio so clearly that you will simply be amazed by listening to the output. In additional battery saver and quick charge modes they are damn useful if essential for long use. And, especially because you're paying well, you can have confidence in the audio output, thanks to the dedicated noise reduction technology. In addition, Sony ICD TX50 has an internal memory of 4 GB.

  • Price: $ 149
  • Where to buy: Amazon

10. Sony ICD UX543F

Sony ICD UX543F a good digital voice recorder when you love having an elegant design as a bonus! Another slightly more expensive recorder on the list, the Sony ICD UX543F is a combination of 4 GB internal memory, direct USB access for data transfer, FM recording and smooth playback. In addition, there is an intelligent Noise Cut function that helps you get the best audio result. Sony ICD UX543F also has an impressive thirty hour battery life, which would be quite impressive to keep going.

  • Price: $ 93.17
  • Where to buy: Amazon

Which digital recorder do you use for your personal and professional purposes? Any of them on the list? We are expecting some comments.

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