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Radiohead, mix the music of "Nude" by buying it from iTunes

febrero 7, 2020

Radiohead, mix "Nude" music by buying it from iTunes – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Recreate the music of Radiohead, mix the components of their last song and build a new song interpreted in an original and creative way. Here is the latest and most original idea that the group, known for its 'avant-garde', both on an artistic and marketing level, proposes together with Apple. The basis of the iTunes initiative which, included in its Italian edition, offers the individual components of the single 'Nude' for sale.

By purchasing each component (bass, guitar, vocals etc), fans will be able to mix the song even adding their own instruments.

Those who buy the 5 stems (parts) on iTunes during this first week of availability will receive an access code to a GarageBand file, ready to be opened in GarageBand or Logic and facilitate remixing. However, you don't need Apple's software to do the creativity operation, since all the 'stems' are available on iTunes Plus and therefore are compatible with different software platforms.

Once you have created your own song, it can then be uploaded to where the public will listen to them and vote for your favorite in a competition that will close on May 1st.

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