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Peggle, excellent puzzle game on iPod

Among the many puzzle games available for Cupertino's videoplayer, Peggle is certainly one of the most interesting and curious: it could be defined as a cross between Puzzle Bubble and Break Out.


Set in an imaginary world, the purpose of the game of PopCap is very simple: through a limited number of balls thrown with a small cannon, the player must be able to hit some colored rods or bricks, eliminating them from the screen and passing the level.

Audio & VideoThe purely technical aspect of the game passes the examination without problems: although from a graphic point of view, no particular efforts are needed to manage what is happening on the screen. the settings are always colorful and pleasant. Pleasant, therefore, both the backgrounds and the active sprites on the small screen of the iPod; bright and bright colors, bizarre and nice characters predominate.

A praise also to the sound department, not so much in reference to the musical accompaniment, apt but not absolute, but more to the characterization of the events on the screen through audio curtains and captivating sound effects. For example, the use of Beethoven's ninth symphony to accompany the final "blow" of each stage is memorable.


Game & PlayPeggle adopts the philosophy that, since video games exist, has always decreed the success of a video game: fun and simplicity above all. In this case, 10 balls and some bonuses are enough to create a fun and never banal game.

Baster try to eliminate all the orange elements on the screen by hitting them with the balls and exploiting their bounces; all to be performed possibly before running out of ammunition, which can still be replenished through skills and taking advantage of bonuses.

The simplicity of the concept exploited to the fullest: Peggle incorporates a series of variable elements, such as the advice provided by the masters, numerous bonuses available and different game schemes and screens. Among these we mention about 55 levels, 75 in Grand Master mode, and the possibility to challenge your friends in Duel mode; all options that guarantee excellent longevity and many hours of fun.


The same iPod, in the case of Peggle, behaves very well: the click-wheel, often inappropriate for some games, is the perfect control system, either for the reduced number of commands to be used, or for the characteristics of a game that favors more reasoned timing rather than the frenzy of a Zuma or a Block Breaker Deluxe.

ConclusionPeggle is today one of the best games available on the iPod, managing to adapt a simple concept to the Apple player, and declining it into a dimension of fun and pleasant lightness. Surely it is 4.99 euros well spent on the game of PopCap Games.

iPodNet Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Pro– Fun and pleasure guaranteed – Confidence with the controls always excellent – Various and stimulating patterns and game modes

Versus– Music good but not excellent.

Peggle can be purchased on the iTunes Store starting from this link. Compatible with iPod 5G, iPod nano 3G and iPod classic, the cost of 4.99 Euros.