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Microsoft wants the Apple recipe, creates the Windows and Devices division

febrero 7, 2020

One of Apple's main strengths has always been to jointly develop and design both hardware and software, a recipe that Microsoft also seems to be aiming for with the ongoing reorganization and the creation of a single Windows and Devices division.

Microsoft entered the hardware sector in 2012: although hardware and software were both created by Redmond, their respective divisions have so far remained separate: on one side the Windows Client and on the other the hardware and Surface teams.

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For the moment the Windows multinational has not released official press releases, but the ongoing maneuvers have been leaked on the net, reported by ZDnet, also thanks to an internal email sent to employees signed by Panos Panay, head of the Microsoft hardware team who will become the executive of the new unified Windows and Devices group.

Personally I am very excited to lead the Windows Client for Microsoft, which will help us simplify our decision-making processes, clarify our priorities and offer the best end-user experiences from silicon through operating systems in all Microsoft apps and devices connected to services (OEM and Surface).

The benefits and advantages of unification are well highlighted by the manager. Designing hardware and software together will allow us to do a better job on our long-term Windows bets (dual screen, diversity of silicon, connectivity, app platform, etc.) and have a single Windows Client Experience leadership point that drives consistent priorities and resources across all Windows clients will help us all accelerate innovation and improve execution.

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In recent years, Microsoft has made several major reorganizations in the early months of the year, as is happening now. The planning and creation of the Windows and Devices group under the leadership of Panos Panay appears to come into effect on February 25, although the executive will not be promoted to the senior position because he will continue to respond to Rajesh Jha, head of the Experiences and Devices division.

With the reorganization, the role of Joe Belfiore, in the past in charge of the now defunct Windows Mobile and more recently at the helm of Windows, will also change. Belfiore will be moved to lead the Office team, while continuing to manage the EPIC division, from the initials of Essential Products Inclusive Community, on which the Edge browser, Microsoft News as well as the apps for iOS and Android depend.

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