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iPhone 11 Pro emits above-normal radiation for a California laboratory

RF Exposure Lab, an independent laboratory in San Marcos (California), claims to have performed tests that show that iPhone 11 Pro emits radiation levels more than double the safety limits set by the FCC (the Federal Communications Commission of the United States) for radio frequency (RF) radiation in cell phones. The test suggests that many other devices expose users to more radiation than legally permitted.

The laboratory tested an iPhone 11 Pro and identified that it exposes users to SAR values ??(specific absorption rate) of 3.8 W / kg, above the 1.6 W / kg limit set by FCC rules. Tests were performed using FCC guidelines with the 5mm phone from a manikin designed to simulate human tissue. If a closer device – for example, in a pocket – the exposure may be even greater.

"Cell phone users should be concerned about exposure to RF radiation," says Ryan McCaughey, CTO of Penumbra Brands. "Tests show that iPhone 11 Pro potentially exposes people to twice the RF radiation that the FCC considers safe." ?The testing of self-regulated cell phones; the manufacturer provides a phone to an independent testing laboratory, and if they pass the compliance test, the FCC approves the release device. By purchasing an iPhone freely available on the market, and performing the same tests, the RF Exposure Lab states that this does not meet the safety limits set by the FCC.

Unboxing and maxi comparison of iPhone 11 (Red), Italian iPhone 11 Pro and Max

Last fall Penumbra Brands replicated cell phone radiation tests performed byChicago Tribune newspaper who had investigated the radiation levels of the most well-known smartphones, turning to a laboratory to perform tests with various smartphones: tests with the iPhone 7 had confirmed radiation levels 50% higher than the FCC standards 2 mm away.

The media hype had led the FCC to repeat the tests, checking iPhone 7 and other phones, confirming that Apple and Samsung devices do not violate the rules of the federal commission. Penumbra Brands reiterates that the phones tested by the FCC are provided by the manufacturers, while their tests were performed on devices that can be purchased in the stores.

"In the recent FCC test, the iPhone XS model that was not supplied by Apple shows flaws in the tests – with radiation 28 times higher than the agency's original report," explains McCaughey in a statement. ?This discrepancy was supposed to cause alarm to the FCC, but they didn't even comment. Consumers should develop habits in the use of mobile phones to protect themselves from excessive exposure. "On Amazon iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro at minimum prices

The newspaper The Chicago Tribune he had investigated the radiation levels of the most well-known smartphones, turning to a laboratory to carry out tests with various smartphones. Apple had contested the results cited in the article stating that the results of the tests performed were inaccurate, due to test configurations that did not comply with the procedures that allow to correctly evaluate the iPhone models.

The FCC has tested iPhone 7, iPhone X and iPhone XS again; both models purchased in stores, and models supplied by Apple. None of the tests revealed values ??higher than those established by law and which express the percentage of electromagnetic energy absorbed by the body exposed to a radiofrequency electromagnetic field.

It should be noted that The Chicago Tribunehe had performed the tests in ways that simulated the worst possible scenario, with the phones active with the least signal coverage to obtain the highest possible exposure level.

Unboxing and maxi comparison of iPhone 11 (Red), Italian iPhone 11 Pro and Max

As we have explained before, there is no concrete evidence that the so-called electrosmog can lead to disease or increase the risk of brain tumors or biological damage. in any case it is possible to use simple precautions: use earphones (in order to move the mobile phone away from the head by a few centimeters so that the exposure level drops drastically), make short calls (especially when the disturbed line and the phone forced to work at full power) , avoid making calls when the signal coverage is low and keeping the mobile phone away from the head when dialing the number (when it works at maximum power). Children are potentially more vulnerable and therefore it is important to limit the use of mobile phones and tablets.

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