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How to view all the Downloads made on your Mac!

febrero 7, 2020


Want to view the list of downloads made on your Mac? Did you think that clearing the list of Safari downloads would remove all traces?

What do you think is the most frequently used application on Mac OS X? I think Safari, for my opinion the internet is used in every area from work to study, not to mention the management of a blog! The indispensable browser, we could count all the sites we visit, all those search keywords on google and all those files downloaded in my opinion we would be amazed at the amount of information we manipulate when we are in front of the computer!

Do you know that clearing the safari download list is not enough to clear the tracks? For those who thought to delete every sign of download you are wrong because it is not enough to delete the list of files downloaded from the internet of safari to delete our history of downloaded files, in fact each download is recorded in a special hidden register on Mac OS X but viewable via special terminal commands.

So I will teach you how to do it, in the meantime start the Mac OS X terminal! How you do it? Go to Applications -> Utilities -> Termianale or type the word "Terminal" in Spotlight

Now paste the following string on the terminal:

sqlite3 ~ / Library / Preferences / * select LSQuarantineDataURLString from LSQuarantineEvent

And here is the list of all the files downloaded when you bought your Mac!

Since the displayed results will be infinite you can sort them by similar files by adding the string "sort" at the end of the command, here is an example:

sqlite3 ~ / Library / Preferences / * select LSQuarantineDataURLString from LSQuarantineEvent | sort

But how can you permanently delete this list?

Just type this command and all downloads will be permanently deleted, here:

sqlite3 ~ / Library / Preferences / * delete from LSQuarantineEvent

REMEMBER: if you restore the system from a Time Machine backup the list of downloads is restored!

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