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Griffin SmartTalk, microphone on iPhone for all earphones

febrero 7, 2020

One of the most trivial but annoying problems of the Apple mobile phone is the headphone jack: the particular shape means that not all earphones or headphones in circulation can be inserted into the audio jack.

Too bad, therefore, having to maybe leave your favorite earphones in the drawer, maybe pay a drain but incompatible with the mocking line-out of the phone.

Griffin "puts a piece" thanks to SmartTalk, an accessory we mentioned a few months ago. In summary, the qualities of this accessory are to make any type of earphone or headphone with a 3.5 mm jack compatible with Apple's mobile phone.

In addition to this, the SmartTalk integrates a microphone and a keypad on the wire, through which it will be possible to pause or play music, skip songs or answer calls and talk; the same features available on the Apple earphones supplied with the phone.

Undoubtedly useful and functional, Griffin's SmartTalk sold in the USA at a cost of $ 19.99. Griffin products are distributed in Italy by ADL and Attiva.


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