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Google Maps has a new look: all the news

febrero 7, 2020

In addition to the menus and tabs, the logo of the popular app for Android and iPhone also changes to celebrate 15 years

google maps news(Photo: Google)

Google Maps turns 15 and offers a nice restyling which brings some fresh air to the level of design and functionality for the mobile application dedicated to Android and iPhone smartphones. From the logo to the tabs to the menus, here all there is to know to make the most of the application among the most popular worldwide for global navigation.

One can only start from the logo that is a bit the element that immediately catches the eye. The so-called "pin" becomes multicolored by welcoming the red, yellow, blue and green of Google's letters. A significant choice, which underlines how much from a simple map with superpowers now Google Maps becomes an all-round portal, even simpler to use and full of accessible information.

(Gif: Google)

The menu of the tabs, that is, of the quick links to the main parts of the app. Located at the bottom, it refers to five distinct areas. The first on the left is a little the main function with the search for places and points of commercial or tourist interest to immediately launch the navigation step by step. The second is dedicated to real-time traffic to plan routine or occasional trips.

The third, in the center, designed to access saved places as well as to open the history. The fourth is the one that Google focuses heavily on, i user contributions to insert information, reviews, places, photos and changes to the map. Finally the fifth called update / updates with recommendations generated by the system. In general, many functions that were previously somewhat hidden in the so-called hamburger menu or in the various sub-pages are now more clear and visible.

(Gif: Google)

Google relies heavily on interaction with users who can immediately share valuable information. For example, if you are in public transport, you can specify its accessibility, temperature, possible presence of sections for women only and security systems. Finally, the Live View navigation in augmented reality is improved with an evident red pin that always shows the direction to take and the classic display with the blue arrows superimposed.

L'update will gradually spread around the world both on Google Play for Android and on iPhone (here some tricks) from the App Store.


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