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Gilty Couture for iPhone: to add a bit of panache to Apple's mobile phone

febrero 7, 2020

Two new iPhone cases by Gilty Couture arrive in all Apple stores, both characterized by a minimalist design whose sobriet is enriched by the Swarovski crystals that cover both cases.


In the case of the iPhone Bezel, it is more of a sort of ornament for the Apple mobile phone. The cover surrounds the edges of the iPhone, highlighting only the outline, inside which there are the crystals of the well-known Austrian brand. For lateral insertion and interior in soft coating, the case allows undisturbed access to the doors and texts of the mobile phone. Available in silver, gold and pink, the iPhone Bezel costs 110 and 130 Euros, depending on the model.


More coverage and protection instead from the iPhone Case, from the surface most dedicated to the protection of the Apple mobile phone, thanks to a narrower embrace and a slider insertion, comfortable and safe. Even in this case the interior enjoys a soft coating, while the internal edges of the case bear Swarovski crystals in plain sight. The iPhone Case available at a cost ranging from 200 to 300 euros, also in this case depending on the models, pink, gold, silver; also available a silver model without Swarovski.

Gilty Couture products are available in Italy through the distribution of ADL and are available from the APstore.

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