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EFF Ā«Apple's program for independent repairers is expensive and dangerousĀ»

febrero 7, 2020

Launched in 2019, the Apple program for independent repairers has been welcomed as a positive step both to expand repairs outside the Apple Stores and authorized centers, and for non-Apple repairers who in this way can access the same spare parts for the first time, tools, training, manuals and official diagrams.

Now for the contract of the Apple program for independent repairers put under pressure, accused of containing vexatious clauses for the repairers who sign it, even dangerous for the survival of the shop or laboratory.

In fact, by signing the contract, the independent repairer must undergo unannounced Apple inspections. In the event that the use of non-original replacement parts or which infringes the intellectual property of Cupertino is discovered, Apple could fine the independent repairer, up to $ 1,000 for each transaction made during the period examined.

MacBook Pro repair

The contract requires a prominent and easily visible written notice both in the shop and on the website to inform that it is not an Apple authorized repairer. Not only that: the customer's consent to understand the difference is needed, because Apple does not guarantee repairs carried out by third parties. The groups that promote the right to do-it-yourself repairs in the USA find that this not only scares customers but forces a repairer to advertise against himself.

Finally, among the most criticized clauses, the one that allows Apple to inspect the shop or laboratory even if the repairer decides not to participate in the Apple program for independent repairers, this up to 5 years after the spill, still obliging to keep records and data of users of all the interventions carried out. It is necessary to point out that this clause does not seem to appear in every contract of this type.

apple program for independent repairers

Taking into account the foregoing, it is not surprising that the Electronic Frontier Foundation is cut off. They offer Apple a huge margin of discretion, impose costs and penalties that are potentially harmful for the business to the repair shop and require that they grant access to Apple without notice. Kit Walsh, EFF's senior attorney who concludes If you sign this agreement, you repair non-Apple devices at your own risk.

Macitynet will return to the subject as soon as there is more detail or an official Apple communication on the matter. On the pages of our site we talked about the right to do it yourself repairs in numerous articles. For all the articles that talk about Apple we start from this page.

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