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Domus Cad 11 on the home straight.

febrero 7, 2020

Domus Cad 11 in the home straight. – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Here are the main novelties of the design application capable of carrying out all 2D and 3D design operations for the professional studio.

– Internal metric calculation, with measurement of the various types of quantities with totals divided into categories that can be updated at any time. – Separate management of materials for the individual parts of the elements. – Various new instruments, such as freehand curves and the bucket, for a rapid management of the fills. – Extension to all elements and to 3D of the concepts of Transport of coincident vertices and deformation only axial. – New additional module for the "Piping", ie for the creation of solids and surfaces obtained by sliding a figure along a path. – Automatic connection functions for groups of lines, curves and polygons selected and connected to each other. – Countless improvements to various existing functions, such as pagination, variable autoscroll, inclined rotations, wall fills, parametric selection. , tracking constraints, bundles of doors and windows, modification of roofs and floors, deformation of objects and much more.

If you are a Domus.Cad user, you can participate in the Beta-test phase of the program, taking advantage of the new features and reporting any problems. Domus.Cad 11 beta downloadable from the Interstudio website:

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