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Apple Watch, move the time forward

febrero 7, 2020

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If for some reason you have to manually change the time on Apple Watch, here's how to proceed.

By default, Apple Watch designed to be one of the most trusted watches on the planet, and it does it by taking advantage of remote servers and connecting to the Web. If, for some reason, you need to change the automatic time, know that you can increase it manually with an interval of your choice from 1 to 59 minutes.

Masimo sues Apple for Apple Watch's health technologies

Masimo sues Apple for Apple Watch's health technologies

A medical technology company that develops digital oximeters has sued Apple for stealing trade secrets and misusing its patents on Apple Watch.

For move the time forward shown on Apple Watch, do this:

  • On the watch itself, open Settings
  • Scroll down the list until you find the entry Clock and press it
  • Rotate the Digital Crown
  • touch Tax to accept the change

Caution: The change only serves to change the time shown on the clock and in the various dials, which is useful if you are a perennial latecomer; but will not have no effect on notifications instead they will continue to flow at the right time.

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