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Apple technology for the Paris air fair

febrero 7, 2020

Apple technology for the Paris air fair – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple technology featured in the Le Bourget air show that is being held in France these days. Apple Computers, Apple software, Apple networks are used to broadcast recorded and live footage from the most important European event dedicated to civilian and military aircraft, in particular all the events involving Airbus that one of the main exhibitors at the event. Next-generation iBooks using two Nikon digital cameras will capture many of the salon's events, mediums and performances. The iBooks will use airport cards to connect to 3 PowerMac G4 that will bridge the communication with Atomiz, a company specializing in QuickTime streaming. Atomiz, which will encode and transmit the films on the Internet.The images will also be sent to a group of professional photographers who will select the images to be converted into digital prints and to be distributed to the interventions at the exhibition and which will appear on some Apple Cinema Display monitors.

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