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Apple: iPhone "slowed down", fine of 25 million euros in France

febrero 7, 2020

As many will remember, in December 2017 Apple was overwhelmed by the scandal related to the lower performance of its iPhones: in the presence of a worn battery, updates to iOS 10.2.1 is 11.2.0 they introduced a system of throttling, which reduced processor frequency by slowing smartphone performance.

It was, in practice, a form of planned obsolescence which was unbeknownst to consumers. Although the Cupertino house justified the stratagem with the need to reduce unwanted iPhone shutdowns with a few years on the shoulders, users did not take it well, engaging in different class actions.

Today the problem has been overcome thanks to the integration of a battery health monitoring system that provides indications on the state of wear and on the presence or absence of restrictive measures that limit the smartphone's performance. However, justice has its time, but sooner or later it gets to the point: and so one has arrived at Apple's address today fine from 25 million euros.

The fines were imposed by the General Direction of the Concurrence, of the Consommation and of the Repression of Frauds (DGCCRF), the French competition and consumer protection authority, following a complaint lodged at the end of 2017 by the association Halte à l'Obsolescence Program (HOP). The reason? Above all, the absence of transparency towards users.

Apple already has approved to pay the full amount requested by DGCCRF and the Cupertino company will also have to publish a press release on its website. The penalty is one of the highest obtained by the French organization, but it is not particularly punitive for Apple, whose revenues are much higher.

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