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AOL / Microsoft: the end of a love never born.

febrero 7, 2020

AOL / Microsoft: the end of a love never born. – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Viveck Varma, a spokesman for Bill Gates' company, admits the end of difficult attempts to reach an agreement between Microsoft Windows vice president Jim Allchin and America Online TimeWarner president Ray Oglethorpet "with regret". As we have already told you, Microsoft and AOL have attempted to agree for two weeks in order to exchange technologies and contracts. AOL's recent statements regarding its Netscape division could have made us think that the agreement with Microsoft was close but, in reality, there was only an implicit acknowledgment that the two "opposite poles" can only reject each other, instead of joining. For example, it seems that Microsoft wanted to eliminate the presence of RealPlayer in the various contents of AOL in favor of Windows Media (a vice that, if they had not been dissolved processes already at a good point to recognize it definitively, has in the past produced problems to Microsoft) and, as a consequence, in future Windows there will no longer be the necessary to have an automatic connection to AOL. On the sidelines, we point out the new curious OfficeXP advertisement that directly sees Gates and Ballmer as testimonials.

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