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Amapi 4.15 as a gift from Eovia.

febrero 7, 2020

Amapi 4.15 as a gift from Eovia. – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Eovia, purchased by the TGS group for the dowry made up of the 3D Carrara software, now deals with the development of Amapi, the solid modeling program that has been so successful in France.To invite users to get to know the product (and let them purchase the upgrade to version 6.0) gives the fully functional 4.15 release on its own.

It is a program with an imaginative interface (such as the name – "I am Happy" in the onomatopoeic version) but capable of performing transformation operations on objects available only in the most famous software.

The approximately 16 MB file can be downloaded from the Eovia website.

Once downloaded you can activate the full version by entering your data and this password provided by Eovia: 2f9cd07bce9a9c100

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