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AlcheMo: automatically converts Java games for iPhone

febrero 7, 2020

New software designed to automatically port Java-based games to iPhone has been announced by the New Zealand company Innaworks. The developers have released a beta version of the application with which they intend to respond to the need – felt by many parties – to have a tool that allows you to bring J2ME applications to the iPhone.

According to the description of the developers, alcheMo (this is the name of the product) allows you to instantly bring applications designed for the Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) on iPhone and iPod touch without the need for special precautions.

From the site of the creators of the application, you can register as a developer and try out a preview of the product which, in any case, is still in beta.

The converter from Java ME sources to equivalent iPhone sources (Objective C) fillable with Xcode patent pending. Sources converted with alcheMo can automatically benefit from various intrinsic technologies in Apple devices: touch screens, sensors and APIs.

More specifically, alcheMo automatically manages the gargabe collection, memory allocation and various advanced features of the J2ME.

J2Me, remember, a runtime and a collection of APIs created by Sun Microsystems with the contribution of third parties and thanks to which it is possible to develop software specifically designed for PDAs, mobile phones and the like.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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