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A Titanium and CD-RW bundle?

febrero 7, 2020

A Titanium and CD-RW bundle? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The desire to spread the possibility of burning CDs across the range; an indicator that Apple is considering introducing some new laptop versions in the coming months. Opinions on the reasons that would push Apple to offer a bundle consisting of a Titanium and an external CD-RW on its online store diverge. Everyone seems to agree that in any case it is a way to lower the inventories of laptops whose sales after the great hint of the first few weeks are now slowing down. Launch the indiscretion on the offer, which should start from tomorrow, the British newspaper MacUser. According to the online edition, the promotion would be valid only for customers of the American store, even if it would interest both the buyers of the 400 version as well as those of the 500 MHz version. As mentioned, one of the hypotheses, in our opinion the most accredited, that Apple intends to offer all its customers the ability to burn CDs. At the moment only buyers of Titanium are excluded from this option since the only available model has a DVD player while both iBooks (even if only as an option) such as iMacs and G4s have an internal burner. it is a move to liquidate warehouses with a view to releasing a new model. The offer would be valid until September two months after the MacWorld Expo; too late for a review of the laptop that if it will be in the middle of the expected cycle of its operating life, or in July.In any case, as mentioned, it seems to us that a non-secondary objective is to accelerate the sales of Titanium which according to our sources in recent weeks, as natural after the exploit of February and for the competition of the very interesting iBook, which has fallen somewhat in the preferences of Apple users.

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