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7 fewer video games on the iTunes Store

febrero 7, 2020

Apple completes its game transition from the older generation of the iPod 5G, to the new iPod nano 3G and iPod classic. The iPod video games purchased on the iTunes Store until recently were distinguished in compatible with iPod 5G, the new classic and iPod nano 3G , or some (few) games compatible only with older 5G iPods.

Today, even only on the Italian iTunes Store, only games compatible with all three of the aforementioned models are available. To do this, Apple made a drastic choice: it made Zuma and Mini Golf compatible, previously available only for the iPod 5G, and eliminated the remaining games still to be included among the video games for iPod classic and iPod nano 3G.

The eliminated games are Bejeweled, iQuiz, Lost, Mahjong, Musika, Royal Solitaire and Vortex. Vortex and iQuiz are already pre-loaded on iPod nano 3G and iPod classic, while the remaining 5 games are "lost" and are not currently (and it is not known if they will be definitively) available on the iTunes Store. If someone had already purchased them , therefore know that, to use them, you will not be able to separate from your fifth generation iPod.

In conclusion, from today all the games available for iPod on the iTunes Store will be compatible with the three enabled iPod models: iPod 5G, iPod nano 3G and iPod classic.

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