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Will iPhone land in Asia from Singapore?

febrero 6, 2020

Will iPhone arrive in Singapore in September? According to Channel News Asia the answer s. The small former British colony, one of the richest and most dynamic countries in the area, would already have the designated operator: Singapore Telcommunications.

SingTel would have essentially concluded the negotiations, defining at least in principle the details connected, in fact, to the launch times and the percentages due to Apple.

If the information was correct, Singapore could be the first Asian country to officially have iPhones, after being one of those with the highest density of "unofficial" iPhones. According to reliable estimates, the number of iPhones in circulation in Singapore would be several thousand (the estimate of 10 thousand), thanks to a thriving business that thrives on the "gray market". The Apple phone in Singapore costs a thousand local dollars, roughly 460 euros.

SingTel, as always happens on these occasions, does not confirm or deny.

For its part, Apple has confirmed that it intends to launch iPhones in Asia before the end of the year. In the area, one of the most serious candidates to have iPhone NTT DoCoMo, the main Japanese operator. Interest, which however seems more difficult to materialize in the short term, even for the Chinese market.

Compared to China and Japan, Singapore has an insignificant population (just over 4 million residents) and the local market therefore presents fewer challenges. In this respect, it could be a good starting point for landing on the continent.

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