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What is FileLinked and how to use it with Fire TV Stick

febrero 6, 2020

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If you want to make the most of your Amazon Fire TV Stick, we recommend using Filelinked, which simplifies downloading non-Appstore apps. Amazon Fire TV Stick offers many streaming services in a rather convenient package. However, the real beauty of Fire Stick is its ability to run Android apps that are not available in the Amazon Appstore. FileLinked a popular tool that simplifies downloading such apps.

What is FileLinked?

There are many ways to install non-Appstore apps on the Fire Stick. In fact, you will use one to install FileLinked in this tutorial. It may sound redundant, but once you have FileLinked on Fire Stick, downloading other apps becomes a lot easier.

This is because downloading apps from outside the Appstore generally requires you to visit a web page or type in a long URL that connects to the installer. If you're on a computer or phone, that's fine, because those devices were designed to surf the web and download files. However, your TV does not.

FileLinked a service that transforms download links into a numerical code, such as "26648310." which has become a popular tool in the Fire Stick community for downloading apps outside of the Amazon Appstore: people can create a code for their favorite app , share it with the community and simplify the download of that app.

In fact, people can even group multiple apps into one FileLinked code, allowing you to get a lot of useful tools with as few buttons as possible.

However, I must warn you of one thing: anyone can create a FileLinked code for any URL, as well as with any file sharing service, there is the possibility of downloading malware. Only use FileLinked codes from developers or friends you trust, and if you are streaming movies and shows with unofficial apps, you may want to use a VPN to hide your business from those who want to track you down.

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How to install FileLinked

The installation of FileLinked requires a slightly more circular method and includes a tool appropriately called Downloader. On Fire TV, press the Up button until the main menu appears at the top of the screen.

Then scroll to Settings, press the Select button and scroll to the My Fire TV icon. In that menu, scroll down to Developer Options and activate apps from unknown sources. You will receive a warning similar to what I have already said above, at which point you can click Activate.

Now, go back to the top menu bar and go left until you reach the search function. Type "Downloader" and click on the Downloader option displayed in the Apps and games section. (You can also use the Alexa remote to say "Download the Downloader app", which is a little faster.)

Install the Downloader app, open it and allow it to access the files on your device when requested: this permission is required to archive the downloaded files.

From the main Downloader screen, click on the text bar and type in the box. This is the official URL to download FileLinked from its developer.

After clicking Go, I will download the FileLinked installer that uses the file's APK extension and you can use the arrow keys on the remote control to click the Install button.

How to download apps with FileLinked

Now that you have FileLinked on your Fire Stick, you can download other apps and files without typing long URLs.

For example, suppose I would like to download Kodi, a library-centered media player that allows me to watch my videos or Blu-ray streams from a number of different services. I could use Downloader and take the installer from the Kodi website … or I could simply open FileLinked and enter the code 56975628, which connects to the latest version of the Kodi installer.

To download the file, go to the list of apps on Fire TV and open FileLinked. From the main menu, type 56975628 in the box, click Continue and I will download the Kodi APK file, allowing you to install it just like you did before with FileLinked. much simpler than using Downloader with long URLs, isn't it?

Keep in mind that you can disable FileLinked ads by clicking on the Settings gear wheel in the upper right corner and disabling "Show tips and useful information". This will make the home screen a little cleaner, which is useful if you plan to use FileLinked often. Make sure to move it to a convenient spot in the Fire Stick app list for easy access.

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