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Record iPhone users on the Internet

febrero 6, 2020

IPhone users surf more and use multimedia more. This is the result of a research carried out by iSuppli on the habits of those who have an Apple mobile phone.

The respondents, all Americans and owners of different brands and models of cell phones, spend most of their time with the terminal, equal to 71.7 percent, exclusively for making calls. Instead, the model iPhone user emerging from the survey engages only 46.5 percent of his time in voice calls.

The large percentage time gap that emerges is destined for a variety of different activities. For example, about 12 percent of iPhone usage time spent surfing the Internet, a significantly higher percentage than the meager 2.5 percent of other smartphone users. Those who have tried to surf for just a few minutes with any smartphone and then also with iPhone, will not be able to imagine the reason for this gap.

Also from the research carried out by iSuppli, it emerges that iPhone users invest more time in managing emails, an activity that engages them for about 10.4 percent of the total time. Here too, the email time cut by non-iPhone users is significantly lower, equal to 2.8 percent.

On this result that reports the average of the respondents, we raise some small doubts that bear the name of BlackBerry and Rim. The latter is the reference point to beat in the field of mobile email and we are sure that a research that directly compares the email time of iPhone and BlackBerry users tells a whole different story. However, this is not a question, not at least until Apple releases firmware 2.0 with support for corporate mail.

Continuing with the discoveries of iSuppli we have to register a draw: 15 percent of the time spent by users of any terminal but also by iPhone-employees dedicated to the management of SMS and MMS messages.

Finally, iPhone users emerge as real musicophiles compared to owners of other cellphones: for 12 percent of the operating time, the Apple smartphone engaged in playing songs, against only 3 percent of the rest of the terminals. Here too few surprises given the perfect integration of an iPod into the iPhone.

Commenting on the results of the inducement Greg Sheppard, chief development officer of iSuppli, rightly claims that: "The usage model shows that Apple has managed to make a real convergent device that users love to use for different purposes. Apple has managed better than anyone else to achieve a balanced convergence in terms of device characteristics and use ".

After years of chatter about convergence, of Wap, of the Internet on microscopic screens, bad navigation systems and terminals all in one, immense and difficult to use … impossible to blame him.

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