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Through the innovative multitouch interface for Apple devices, many types of content are now accessible, which over time are learning to adapt to the new mobile format inaugurated by Apple.

The last subject that adhered to the iPhone / iPod touch philosophy is none other than the Playboy learning, which over time has become a representative brand of a certain style (profit-oriented) rather than the original crucible of transgression. Here, therefore, that the well-known bunny head has also decided to decline its online portal in a multitouch version.

Anyone who decides to connect to the official site through their multitouch branded "apple", will land on a page structured so as to be compatible with the Apple standard. Among the various features introduced, we can mention access to a sort of portal to vote for the most fascinating girls, tips for your nightlife and Playboy Radio, a live radio based on mp3 files.

More and more sectors of the industry are starting to look at the mobile market with growing interest, and the fact that this look is particularly guided by the symptomatic iPhone and iPod touch interface of how much Apple's devices have shaken the landscape.

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