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Mountain Lion: the new terminal commands!

febrero 6, 2020


Here are all the new commands that can be executed on the Mountain Lion terminal

Apple in its operating systems always tries to make improvements in anything that can improve its systems, and some of these concern the new terminal commands.

The new commands can be executed through users ofroot(or alternatively using the sudo), here is the list:

– caffeinated

with this command we could force the Mac not to go to sleep for a certain period of time which will be entered by us in seconds:

caffeinate -u -t (time_expressed_in_seconds)

– fdsetup

The command expects only onesuperuser(or a user enabled to do the sudo) can run it. The command can only be used if it has been activatedFileVault, in fact it acts on the FileVault parameters and can be used, for example, to see enabled users or to add users. Put simply, the first is used to add a user, the second to display enabled users. The complete list of commands can be viewed directly from the command line via fdsetup help:

sudo fdesetup add -usertoadd username sudo fdesetup list

– sharing

it needs root or user privileges enabled to the sudo command. Sharing can be used for creating a share of a specific folder. We will be able to share our files via protocolAFP,FTP,SMB. Here are three examples: the first creation, the second will allow you to add the SMB share and the third to remove the share.

sudo sharing -a (path)

sudo sharing -e (directory) -S (username)

sudo sharing -r (directory)

Also with the commandsharing -lwe will be able to view all the active shares. For online help, just type man sharing.

– pgrep and pkilL

pgrep the new command that allows to know the PID of a process

pgrep -i safari

The second command, however, allows you to make akill(orthe exitforced) of a specific process performed by a specific user .:

sudo pkill -U Safari username

– serverinfo

The last command to report can be used forextract information and modify parametersserver side. The notation of the command depends on what you want to achieve. A complete list of options can be obtained by typing the following command:

serverinfo -h

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