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More and more web surfers with iPhone and iPod touch

Safari mobile, the version of the program that runs on iPod touch and iPhone, posted 64 percent growth in the period December to March. This was revealed by two executives of the StatCounter company.

The surprising growth rate due to the still relatively small shares held by Safari mobile compared to the most popular and used navigation programs on computers: from the initial 0.03 percent to the current 0.08 percent.

Also from some StatCounter statements and reported in various sites dedicated to the Apple world, we remember Macworld we learn that the share held by Safari mobile in the United States grew from 0.14 percent to 0.23 percent, again in the period December – March .

Thanks to this growth, now mobile Safari ranks first in the United States as the most used navigation program, always with regard to pocket devices and smartphones. Globally, the record goes to Nokia with 0.25 percent against 0.08 for mobile Safari.

As is evident from the data and the time period examined, the sustained growth attributable to the Christmas effect with the entry of a substantial number of iPhones and iPod Touches. This is also the thought shared by some managers of the StatCounter company.

From a statistical point of view, high growth rates are normal when dealing with limited figures: for example, we think of two users of a service that become 4 within a month. In this case, the growth rate of 100 percent .

Having said that, the positive trend of Safari Mobile indicates a real appreciation for a navigation system on pocket devices, of which only iPod touch available everywhere, while iPhone more than a year after the US presentation, still today limited to a limited number of countries.