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Kodak and Microsoft on a collision course

febrero 6, 2020

Kodak and Microsoft on a collision course – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

There is tension, which could even result in open warfare, between Kodak and Microsoft. The subject of the dispute, needless to say, the suspicious attempt by Microsoft to integrate into its operating system an application concurrent with a proposal from Kodak.The story, which has been unraveling for weeks, soon starts when in the laboratories of the giant of the photograph arrived a beta of XP. Kodak's engineers, working on a package capable of automatically recognizing the connection of a digital machine and proposing a software for photo editing, have tested their latest build by noting, with a movement between surprise and horror, which instead to see their application appear XP offered proprietary software from Microsoft. Even more distressing was the fact that launching the Kodak software had become a real undertaking since nine clicks were needed, an operation that had to be repeated every time, but all of this would have been even tolerable if Kodak had not discovered that, touch Finally, sending photographs to specialized printing labs (one of the features supported by XP) not only did not include Kodak's labs but offered a number of competing realities including Kodak's main opponent, Fuji. These laboratories would have reached an agreement with Microsoft by paying fees to be included on the list. This choice of Microsoft particularly penalizing for Kodak that derives most of its profits from the business that revolves around the printing of photographs. If digital photography with “remote” printing via computer took hold, being excluded from the list of services offered by Windows would be, to say the least, penalizing. At this point, the accusations, launched not too veiledly, by Kodak against Microsoft of wanting to use the monopoly in the operating system to impose proprietary standards and crush competition in expanding sectors, in this case in digital photography, using the same technique used to wipe out Netscape. on the software front of Kodak that would not have been able to produce applications capable of working well with XP. "Kodak would have done better to confront us before complaining." As for the list of printing services, Microsoft states that it is always possible to add new ones. Reassurances that have not … reassured Kodak that has mobilized his army of lawyers and the powerful lobby he controls in Washington. The goal: to provoke another case in which Microsoft was accused of illegal monopoly exercise.While the temperature was rising rapidly, Microsoft has perhaps understood that the climate is not the best to challenge a powerful competitor with Kodak in this way. So the latest build of XP, when connecting a digital camera, no longer requires nine clicks to launch a competing program to Microsoft, but presents a window with a list of alternative applications. "Better than nothing," they told Kodak where they remain extremely concerned about the list of image printing labs that remains where it was. And on the list remains Fuji, a loyal ally of Microsoft, bitter enemy of Kodak.

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