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Join Together 5.2.1, join audio tracks with iTunes on Mac

febrero 6, 2020

Do you often deal with audio recordings and are you looking for a quick and effective solution to join sound tracks together, perhaps for the construction of more or less articulated podcasts, or to put some order on vocal recordings?

Join Together 5.2.1 could be the answer: it is a simple software that, using AppleScripts, manages to easily combine iTunes songs with QuickTime, all for free and with a few clicks. The result will be exported to AAC files or an Audiobook track.

If combined with the Apple's ChapterTool functions, it will then be possible to insert the chapters, to make podcasting transmissions with all the trappings. Finally, if users need advanced "pre-flight" or "post-op" options, there is the Join Together Plus extension, which can be purchased from the official website at a modest cost of 7 euros.

The basic version of Join Together 5.2.1, however, can be downloaded for free and requires at least Mac Os X 10.4, iTunes 4.9 and QuickTime 7.


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