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Java on iPhone, Sun wants to talk about it with Apple

febrero 6, 2020

Java on iPhone, Sun wants to talk about it with Apple – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Sun wants to discuss Apple's porting of Java to iPhone. Explicit statements in this direction are reported by Inforworld which addresses the issue on the basis of Sun's announcement of its intention to create a version of the virtual machine for the Apple mobile platform. The need to open a direct channel with Apple derives from the fact that the development guidelines for iPhone explicitly prohibit assembling applications or solutions that are able to launch in turn other executable code, which what an emulator does but which also does the Java Virtual Machine. The suspicion that there was an impediment to an iPhone version of the JVM on the iPhone (and iPod Touch) had arisen immediately after the announcement to some web journalists and now it seems to have taken office also in the managers of Sun. 'Our announcement – he told Inforworld Eric Klein, vice president of Java marketing – was founded on the enthusiasm brought about by Apple's opening up to third-party software and the information available at the time. If there are clauses in the license terms that can potentially limit the distribution of third party applications then we would like to discuss this constructively with Apple. ' Klein recalls that Sun and Apple already have a partnership on Java Standard Edition that works in Mac Os X 'And we want to do the same thing for iPhone and iPod touch. our firm intention is to have a version of JVM for Apple's mobile platform. ' The launch of a version of Java for iPhone would have indisputable benefits for developers and end users, but Jobs some time ago, in an interview with MacWelt, had shown little interest in Sun's creature: 'no one uses Java anymore', said the Apple CEO who holds virtual machine heavy and awkward. But not excluding that behind the choice to prevent the installation of software that makes other applications run there are also fears that pertain to the sphere of security. What will be the developments of the story not easy to predict. The only thing certain is that no negotiation channels have yet been opened between Apple and Sun.

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