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Jajah announces: Voip phone calls on iPhone

febrero 6, 2020

Jajah announces: Voip phone calls on iPhone – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

JaJah will bring Voice Over Ip telephony to iPhone. To anticipate the intention of the Luxembourg company to create a tool to make low-cost or even free calls, Pocket-Lint.

The details of the software that would be under development are still scarce. We learn that it would be a real application, similar to the one used to make phone calls with Skype, which would pass through the Wifi channel and not through the cellular network. The use of Wifi to make Voip calls is an obligation, given that Jobs himself had said that this will be the only way to be able to take advantage of Voip on the iPhone. In its 'traditional' version, JaJah makes Voip calls using a rather complex, yet interesting, technique. You register on the website, you indicate the telephone numbers (your own and that of the person you intend to reach) and Jajah procures contact, practically without putting the computer in the middle and giving access to reduced rates, thanks to a call to a local number from which the phone call 'returns' to the person we want to reach. Jajah works for even the most traditional systems using the computer.

Jajah is the first company in the world to officially announce a Voip system for iPhone (but hopefully the application will also work with an iPod Touch equipped with an additional microphone) which according to most observers represents one of the applications most awaited by end consumers.

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