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iPhone on its way to Greece

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iPhone on its way to Greece. The Apple phone has been associated with the local Cosmote operator for some time; indications in this sense had already been recognized by Macity last September when the advertisement for a test drive had appeared in the local newspapers at the Germanos stores, owned by Ote, which in turn owns Cosmote.

The hope of seeing Apple's mobile phone appear in the nearby Mediterranean country through Cosmote was strengthened when in recent days at the imposing Public store located in the central and prestigious Sintagma square, an iPhone stand appeared.

Public is an important operator in the consumer electronics retail sector that maintains rather close relationships with Cosmote (to which it recently sold a business branch); at the shop in Piazza Sintagma the iPhone displayed next to a Mac mini and an Apple Cinema Display. The "Apple" corner accompanied by a significant number of Apple products, iMacs, laptops, Mac mini, accessories, software, demonstrating the attention that the great IT and electronics chain pays to the Apple market.

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The fact that Cosmote (even if indirectly) offers iPhone to the attention of customers through a partner shop an interesting signal for Greek enthusiasts. In fact, it seems very difficult for the main Greek operator to spend itself on advertising a telephone which, sooner or later, will not be included in its offer. For other Cosmote the number one in Greece with 6 million contracts (on a population of about 11 million inhabitants) but also has 9 million other customers in different Balkan countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, in the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia ). Other aspects have also strengthened the hypothesis of an iPhone via Cosmote, including the purchase of 20% of Ote by Deutsche Telekom which sells (via T-Mobile) iPhones in Germany and Austria.

The timing for the iPhone launch in Greece, however, may not be short. Ote / Cosmote has in fact an excellent 2G, 3G and 3.5G network, but does not have an Edge; this means that only with the launch of the iPhone with support for Umts or Hsdpa could the phone arrive in Greece.

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The launch of the iPhone could also be an opportunity to see the distribution and sales system of Apple products in Greece renewed. these days the news that the highly contested (by local Mac enthusiasts) Rainbow Computer is no longer the exclusive distributor but "Apple Value Added Distributor", a qualification that seems to open a less difficult horizon for the Apple in the Mediterranean country.

Recall that currently the Greeks who use the Mac do not have direct support from the parent company but only through Rainbow Computer which operates with standards and policies that do not always respect those dictated by Apple: in Greece there are no educational discounts, clauses are dictated that make difficult if not advisable to personalize Macs and to have recognized the guarantee you have to follow complicated procedures. The Greeks, last but not least, even pay an extra on the operating system if they want it localized in their language.

"We hope – says our friend Christos Robotis – that with the cancellation of the exclusive for Rainbow Computer something is moving; we hope that the 4000 signatures collected by "" (a site created to highlight the situation of extreme disadvantage of Mac users in Greece NDR), including hundreds of residents around the world and also in Italy thanks to Macity's support, have contributed to awakening the slow reflexes of Apple. Now we expect a step forward, the "Apple Greece", a branch that would serve the two Greek countries, Greece and Cyprus, do not expect too much since they are two nations fully integrated into the EU from the political and administrative point of view as well as from the currency and which have over 12.5 million inhabitants. It would be time for Mac users and this market in general to have the consideration they deserve after suffering for 27 years an extremely penalizing situation "