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iPhone near Holland?

febrero 6, 2020

An authorized Dutch Apple retailer, The Innovators has published an announcement on its website that advertises a mysterious special event scheduled for Saturday 29 March at 11 am and for all (or almost) it was immediately evident that the "mysterious" product was nothing but the 'iPhone.

To make shouts at the launch of the phone some clues (slyly?) Placed on the home page: the event will concern a new product previously unavailable for the Netherlands that will make making calls easy.

If on the one hand mysterious announcements and sibylline clues have made some Internet sites think that it is a possible Dutch iPhone launch, there are other concrete factors that exclude this possibility.

We are referring to the fact that to advertise the presentation a local Apple retailer who, however important, cannot have the role and relevance of a mobile operator especially for the launch of a smartphone of the caliber of the iPhone.

Finally we note that for all the countries where iPhone was marketed, it was possible to predict the landing thanks to the clues found several months earlier in the smartphone firmware

The name of the national mobile telephone operator, the data and the technical network settings together with dictionaries and menus in the language of the country, are all data that have made it possible to predict with certainty the imminence of a national launch.

These data relating to the Netherlands are not present in the current iPhone firmware: an important technical detail that leads to proceeding with the lead in launching predictions.

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