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How to remove the PIN from the SIM on an Android smartphone Guide

febrero 6, 2020

The first step after purchasing a new rechargeable card to be inserted inside your smartphone is always to get rid of the nightmare of the PIN quickly. If you are wondering how to remove the SIM PIN on an Android smartphone, you are in the right place!

What and where is the PIN?

First of all, before going through the useful steps to remove the PIN request from your Android smartphone, you need to know what you are talking about. It is nothing more than a unique security code for each SIM, which guarantees that that phone card can only be used by you: in fact, it is required to be inserted when the phone is switched on and if not entered correctly several times, the SIM will be immediately blocked.

Remove SIM PIN

If you are wondering where is the code to be entered when you turn on your Android, you just have to take a look at the purchase package of your new phone card and you will find the abbreviations PIN is PUK (the latter of eight digits and is asked after three times that you are wrong to enter the PIN, to prevent the mobile phone from being locked).

How to remove the PIN request at power on?

As already mentioned, when you insert the phone card into your android smartphone and try to turn it on, the PIN code request screen appears, useful for unlock your cell phone and go on using it. Sometimes this procedure can slow down the user's turning on of the phone and be annoying, which is why many wonder how it is possible to eliminate this request. The steps are few and simple:

  • just go to the Settings menu of your smartphone;
  • look for the item Security or Other Security settings;
  • then click on SIM lock or SIM lock settings or Configure SIM lock and finally deselect the tick in which the wording Require the PIN to use the phone or the like (of course the language and words used within the menus depend on the version of the operating system and the update that you have on your Android device);
  • sometimes, to complete this operation, a last four-digit PIN code entry is required for security. In this way, however, when you try to turn on your smartphone you will no longer be asked to enter this code and you will not have to keep it in mind, nor go check every time on the purchase package. Simple isn't it?

How to change your PIN?

If, on the other hand, you simply wanted to change those four digits in order to make them more familiar and to remember them for sure, without having to give up this extra security on your smartphone? The process is even simpler here:

  • you have to use the mobile phone keyboard as if you wanted to make a common call and type below ** 04 * VECCHIOPIN * * EnterNewPIN EnterNewPIN # or ** 05 * CODICEPUK * * EnterNewPIN EnterNewPIN # then click on the button that normally allows you to make the call (usually the green button). In this way the PIN of your phone is what you wanted and you can use it already the next time you turn on your device.

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