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Google voice search also coming on Apple's iOS for iPhone

febrero 6, 2020

With Android Jelly Bean Google introduced one completely renewed voice search and definitely powerful for Android smartphone.

This new one voice search, which we have already had the opportunity to know and appreciate in recent months on smartphones based on Android Jelly Bean, allows users to rto ask complex and complex questions to the smartphone, who, after performing a quick search on the net, manages to show very precise results and in relation to the user's request.

For example, with the new Google voice search, it will be possible to ask the smartphone questions like this:

– what is the weather like?

– do you need an umbrella?

– calculate the way to this city?

and so much more.

In the USA this voice search for Android smartphones already works perfectly, while in Italy the software is still not so complete. However, it will soon be updated to become a precise, complete and fully functional voice assistant also in our country.

Waiting to see this important update also from us, for, we joyfully learn the news that Google's new voice assistant won't be an Android exclusiveIn fact, with a dedicated video teaser Google has officially announced that its alternative Siri for Android will also soon land on the iPhone.

The news, however, has the incredible: Is it possible that Google releases its voice assistant earlier for iPhone than for all Android smartphones? Currently, in fact, I remember that this Google service only works on smartphones with Jelly Bean and, unofficially, on those with Ice Cream Sandwich. Wouldn't it be better to first extend the service to all Android users and then offer it to iPhone users?

The decision is certainly up to Google, but I think that Android users will not learn the news with happiness.

Thanks to this new feature, iOS users will be able to ask questions using natural language and receiving a voice response.

Below you will find the video that shows how Google's voice assistant works on iPhone. We hope to try it soon, also in Italy.


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