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From August TCL will stop selling BlackBerry-branded smartphones

febrero 6, 2020

After the closure of the Messenger hub, now the end of the partnership between BlackBerry and TCL: the second will no longer sell the phones of the first starting from August 2020. The partnership had served as a rescue anchor for BlackBerry to find space again in the consumer aims. TCL has collaborated with the BlackBerry focusing its attention on smartphones with a keyboard, such as KEYone and KEY2.

Four years have passed since the collaboration between the two companies began and, in a not too surprising turn, TCL announced that the partnership will end during next August. Despite the end of the collaboration, current users will not have to worry, because they will not be completely abandoned: TCL will continue to support current models until August 31, 2022. The company – which is partially owned by the Chinese government – will probably continue to produce its smartphones, but it cannot fail to face competition from other Chinese companies, such as Xiaomi and Huawei.

Among the main features, the BlackBerry TCL brand terminals are equipped with physical QWERTY keyboards, an important element in the BlackBerry ecosystem, which has become so popular among business users, for this reason. Still, the presence of the physical keyboard, combined with modern Android features, has not served to revive the company too much, which has no longer been able to regain an important segment of the sector.

Now, BlackBerry will only have to focus solely on software and security from now on. With this, the company could completely disappear from the minds of consumers, at least on the hardware side, in particular on the smartphone side. In the past it has managed to emerge in this segment, but to date it has simply not managed to compete in the era of full touchscreen smartphones.

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