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Flash on iPhone? Apple is in no hurry

febrero 6, 2020

Flash on iPhone? Apple is in no hurry – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Flash on iPhone? No urgency for Apple. The judgment not of Steve Jobs, but of an esteemed analyst like Michael Gartneberg of Jupiter Research.

'People – says Gartenberg – want to flash mainly to watch movies on YouTube and Apple from this point of view already in place thanks to a close relationship with YouTube. They have less pressure than Microsoft did. ' The reference to the announcement made today by Microsoft and Adobe that have made it known that they have reached an agreement to have Flash Lite on the Windows Mobile platform.

'I choose to stay away from Flash Lite – says Gartenberg – as a challenge to Adobe. Jobs wants them to create something specific for the iPhone. Apple has made very special choices for its phone and they want something from Adobe to fit in the rest. '

Recall that Jobs, even recently (during the shareholders' meeting) has hinted that he does not look favorably on the launch of an iPhone version of Flash, which the CEO considers too slow. In turn, Adobe said it was interested in creating a version of Flash for iPhone using the SDK, but without Apple's help and a loosening of the license agreement, it will be impossible for her to proceed beyond good intentions.

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