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Champions in VST: HALion

febrero 6, 2020

The features that enhance the product are the intuitiveness of the interface and the high productivity that results from its use.

The navigation and drag and drop system allows you to work with samples quickly and easily.

The high sound quality achievable through 32-bit support and different types of filters with a cutoff slope of up to 24 dB.

Accurate sample timing and integration into Cubase VST make HALion the ideal sampler for optimizing workflow in the VST environment.

The samples are read directly from the hard disk.

Main features

– support up to 32bit

– easy drag & drop

– crossfade functions,

– mapping editor,

– multitimbral at 16

– 12 virtual outputs

– waveloop editor

– import AKAI, E-MU, REX, SF2, LM4-script, SDII

– 4 CDs supplied with more than 1600 Mb of sounds

produced by (: wizoo 🙂 and eLAB with… XXL Acoustic Piano, XXL Nylon Guitar, XXL Bass, XXL Drums & Percussion, Clavinets, Clean Guitar, Electric Pianos, Electronic Drums, Synth Basses, Analog Chords, Digital Decays, Pads, House Organ, Osc Toolbox, Erazor FX, Organs, DrumTools, LoopTools 65 bpm – 170 bpm, MusicLoops 90 bpm – 170 bpm, SoundTools Samples, SoundTools Vox

The minimum requirements to make it run …

Processor: Power Macintosh minimum 266 MHz, RAM 128 MB, Hard diskfast E-IDE, Mac OS 9.1, ASIO compatible sound card.

Needless to say, the best is achieved (especially if dynamic filters are used) with newer G3 or G4 machines and with 256-512 MB of Ram.

Supporting applications: Cubase VST 5.0 R1 or higher, Nuendo (1.5 or higher) or other VST 2.0 compatible software.

For further information you can visit the website of the Italian Midiware distributor or the English one of the manufacturer Steinberg

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