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Automatic Terminator: How to disable automatic closing of Lion and Mountain Lion applications!

febrero 6, 2020


Do you want to disable automatic application closure on Mac?

Apple is always attentive to the efficiency of its systems, even small tricks can create a great advantage for users of Apple devices. For example in OS X Apple implements the "Automatic Terminator" function starting from Mac OS X10.7 and that is Lion and Mountain Lion. Automatic Terminator takes care of keeping track of all those applications that are open but are not working, are in the background and they have no open files! In this way, for example, if you open Preview and close it simply by clicking on the red x, only the open document will be closed but the application will remain started. To permanently terminate the application, go to the menu on the top bar and choose Preview -> Exit.

If you do not do this, you will find the application icon in the dock with the "light on" indicating that the application is still running.utomatic Terminator takes care of keeping track of all these applications in the background in order to close them if not used after a certain period of time. You can get a quick view of all open applications by using the "cmd tab" key combination. I remind you that an open application needs support for various hardware resources of the machine and therefore CPU and Ram. This not only means free memory loss but also unnecessary energy consumption and if you are on batteries a big disadvantage.

Anyone who wanted to disable this feature can use the terminal command (found in Applications / Utilities):

defaults write -g NSDisableAutomaticTermination -bool TRUE

If you want to rehabilitate Automatic Terminator just replace TRUE with FALSE!

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