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Apple Watch extends the life of a woman with …

febrero 6, 2020

By Giacomo Martiradonna Thursday 6 February 2020

happened again. Thanks to Apple Watch's diagnostic features, a woman discovered the origin of the unnatural fatigue that was ruining her life. And that would have consumed her.

Lately Rosemary Stiles, a middle-aged American, woke up the morning more tired than when she went to sleep; but she had no idea what was happening to her, as long as her Apple Watch didn't intervene.

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"I felt tired, without motivation and I had no energy," explained Sitles. "I woke up in the morning and I could barely do anything for the house, but then after a few minutes, I had to stop in a chair, and it didn't take long for me to fall asleep again."

Then, suddenly, she was awakened during the night by a notification from her Apple Watch warning her of a possible one ongoing atrial fibrillation. At that point, she immediately became frightened and sought help from a specialist in the local hospital. And he discovered that he was one of the first hospital patients to be referred to the right diagnosis by a smart watch.

"I seem to be privileged," said Stiles. "I think someone upstairs wants me to live a little longer," she said ecstatic to a local newspaper. "I have more than one purpose here, and there is still a lot to do for me."

It must be said that, with the current battery life, wear Apple Watch even at night unthinkable; Rosemary Stiles was fortunate, if it may be said, to fall asleep during the day, and thus managed to have a diagnosis; many, however, are forced to put back in charge during the clock at night. That's why we insist so much on the blessed autonomy of this device: as long as it does not guarantee at least 5 days of continuous use, will not really be able to develop its full potential.

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