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Alexa, the voice assistant will express joy or disappointment

febrero 6, 2020

Amazon's voice assistant can modulate its voice with three different levels of intensity

Amazon-Echo-2019(Photo: Amazon)

In fact, it may not be much pleasure to listen Alexa who reads the disastrous results of the last game of the team of the heart, with his gentle and detached voice. It would be nice if she felt at least a little sadness too, it would feel a little more understood.

From the parts of Amazon they know it well and in fact soon Alexa will be able to express emotions for a more engaging interaction with users. Specifically, I can modulate the voice with different intensities both in joy and in disappointment. We will start with these two basic feelings, ideal for sharing a mood with users.

The announcement arrived in recent hours directly from Amazon that will leave developers full freedom of action to create the so-called skill to make Alexa a little more human. We will start with three levels of intensity: low, medium and high.

Naturally, artificial intelligence will calibrate how happy or sad to be based on user preferences and what – over time – has been important to him. A real one emotional sharing, in conclusion. The potential is immense, not only for the example of sports results.

Just try to imagine a somewhat contrite voice, when it reveals that the long-awaited weekend will be marred by cold temperatures and rain. Or a ringing announcement when investments on the stock exchange are positive in double figures. Or, again, a reassuring confirmation that no, there is no suspicious movement in front of the entrance door monitored by the connected video camera.

According to what was declared by the giant founded by Jeff Bezos this functionality will have evident benefits in the involvement given that users would show a 30% higher level of satisfaction when Alexa responds non-aseptically.

Who knows if male users will finally show a little more empathy and kindness towards Alexa, perhaps thanking her more contrary to what is happening now.


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