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Adobe doubts about MacOs X?

febrero 6, 2020

Adobe would be very cautious, if not wary, towards MacOs X. To worry the Palo Alto company, in particular, there would be the performance of the new operating system, not on par with expectations. This is the gist of an article by The Register based on some reports to be verified but which if confirmed would give further breath to the rumors that the producers of Photoshop and Cupertino want at a not particularly happy moment in the history of corporate relations.

Suspicions in this regard began to arise a few months ago when, in the face of explicit requests from the press to indicate a roadmap for the release of charred applications, Adobe has always carefully avoided giving precise dates. Suspicions came true for some when, for the first time in many years, Adobe announced that it would not participate in the MacWorld Expo in New York with budgetary problems. Here too, unverified and verifiable rumors have argued that, given that Adobe sponsored PC Expo which closed in recent days, there would be much more than an economic concern behind the refusal to set up a stand.

“Adobe – the dose is increasing today The Register – has put its plans for Os X on a train that travels slowly. First its managers want to see if the operating system will assert itself or not. Above all, they want to see if the bugs and the performance of the Carbon bookstores will continue to be those of today ”. Ironically, The Register notes, Apple has adopted the Carbon libraries, which allow you to keep a large part of the code of Classic applications, precisely on the push of Adobe that required not to waste too much energy to release applications that exploited the characteristics of Os X.

In addition to this aspect, Adobe would also have doubts about the performance of both the new Motorola 7450 processors and their upcoming implementation, the G5 which, despite a different architecture, would not have the qualities that Adobe would ask for.

This, says The Register, does not mean that Adobe has put its projects to an end for Os X. Californian laboratories are in fact working on Carbon versions of InDesign 2.0, Premiere 6.0, After Effects 5.0, Adobe LiveMotion 2.0, Adobe Illustrator X ( in alpha), Photoshop 6.0, GoLive 6.0 (in alpha), Acrobat 5.0 (which has already been released), Streamline 5.0 (in alpha), Pagemaker 7.0. However, apart from InDesign 2.0 which should be presented in August, all other projects will have been postponed until late winter, or late autumn in some cases. This means that there is still the possibility to pause them or even to cancel them if the need exists.

In reality, considering the English site online, it does not seem that this can be a real possibility. Adobe closely related to the Mac market. A highly unlikely renunciation of porting for Os X. Rather the rumors that filter could be pushed artfully by Adobe itself that would like something more in terms of quality control of its new operating system by Apple. In parallel, Adobe is well aware that the graphics and DTP market in general is very conservative and that the migration to the new OS is unlikely to occur slowly, giving its engineers and programmers time to work calmly on Carbon applications.

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