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X-mini: the "magic" speaker for iPod and portable audio under test

febrero 5, 2020

X-mini: the "magic" speaker for iPod and portable audio under test – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

iStuff provided us with a curious gadget during the days of the San Francisco Expo.

To see it closed and with no cables attached, it is difficult to take it into consideration as an "object that sounds": it seems the classic speaker with little power and with some expensive drain that can at best make a iPod sound "squeak" and instead to observe it carefully, two jump out small surprises: on the lower part, in addition to the switch / volume (which however only works for the ignition) you will find a mini USB socket and immediately above a logo that invites you to rotate the top of this strange compass.

The mini USB socket has a dual function: recharges the internal battery of the X-mini and carries a miniJack for connection to the outside to give voice to the iPod or any "mute" device. The USB rechargeable battery is certainly an excellent idea both because it allows you to really use the object in situations in a minimum of amplification and because it allows you to reduce the overall size of the whole.

But how can an object that can disappear in the palm of a hand sound decently and above all how does it reproduce low frequencies at a minimum audible?

We find out in the impressions of use with photos that you find on this Macitynet page.

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