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Ultimate Ears 10 PRO high-ranking earphones for iPod and Mac

Are you a music lover and would you like to miss the slightest nuance of sound even via headphones? We know that earphones often don't offer the same sound qualities as external speakers. However, some manufacturers are able to assert themselves even in tiny sizes; among these we can mention Ultimate Ears, a brand that, as regards earphones, can stand up to comparison with more well-known names, such as Shure.

One of the most interesting products for lovers of sound fidelity are the 10 PRO METAL BLUE, headsets with a modern and aggressive style, which would offer an excellent listening experience within reach of their ear pads. These are in-ear earphones, equipped with triple balanced speakers, sound-insulated design and a useful safety strap.

Compatible with iPod and Mac and each device equipped with the appropriate audio output, the earphones are characterized by a 113 cm cable and 1/8 ? gold-plated connector. In the package includes a metal carrying case, 1 / jack adapter 4 ?, an aircraft sound attenuator, cleaning kit. Finally, there is a universal kit, with 6 silicone adapters (2 small, 2 medium, 2 large), 2 double silicone flange and 2 foam earphones, to adapt the fit to any size and comfort.

Of course, quality and performance have their cost: the 10 PRO METAL BLUE also have a high-ranking price, that is 349 Euros. If anyone were to the Ultimate Ears product, remember that the official Italian distribution of ADL and the products are available at the APstore stores.