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Titanium plus burner, shortened promotion

febrero 5, 2020

The duration of the promotion that allows the purchase of a Titanium with a free FireWire burner has been shortened.

A day after its announcement, promptly reported by Macity last Monday, Apple has in fact made it known that it will not close on September 3 as initially announced but on July 27. Consequently, all the other dates also change. Orders cannot have a stamp after August 17 and the coupon cannot arrive at their destination at the appropriate Apple office after August 24.

The promotion allows you to receive, as already mentioned, for only the shipping price of 49,000 lire, a FireWire burner to all purchasers of a Titanium. The device is sent directly to your home after completing and sending a special coupon.

Apple has not provided any explanation by merely mentioning a mistake generically. Some readers who reported the change to us assume that Apple could introduce a model variation before September 3 and therefore would have been forced to change the date. The hypothesis appears to us to be a bit risky since the move to July 27 is valid only for the European market while in the USA the date of September 3 continues to be valid.

Rather it seems to us more likely that the choice to shorten the date of the promotion could be dictated by calculations on the warehouses. In Europe the month of August everywhere a period in which purchases are very small; Apple may have been in the need to drain the channels before the holiday month par excellence, pushing sales in July. This is because a revision of the Titanium should arrive in September, a revision that according to some rumors will be presented in late September in Paris. Prolonging the promotion in September could have exposed Cupertino to the risk of having to feed the channels in a period of low sales without the certainty of being able to cope with a possible incorrect calculation and consequent stocks just in view of the release of the upgrade. But evidently this too is a simple hypothesis not supported by any concrete data

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